Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Independance Day Mexico!!!

This week was definitely an interesting one.

We taught Martin about the 10 commandments again and he was super funny. He absolutely loves my companion and is super excited during all of our lessons. We were positively dying laughing after he took so well to the idea of adultery. He had no idea what it was so we tried to explain it in the simplest way possible. With him, his future wife and his future family, all within a heart of love. We explained that if his future wife leaves with another man while he and his wife are still married, that is adultery. "Oh, when she goes with another man and breaks my heart and rejects me." .....I practically died. Not only because of what he said but because he said it with such enthusiasm. We then had to explain that also, if he left his wife for another woman, that is adultery. He asked if his wife could go with another man and he could go with another woman while they were married and that would be okay. Of course we said no. We think he really liked the idea because when we finally were able to move on to the next commandment, he kept moving back to the idea of his wife rejecting him and breaking his heart and leaving him for another man. "And we're fighting with other people and we reject each other and break each other's heart" Finally he decided that it would be best if he had both his wife and his girlfriend. We then had to explain again that that was wrong and that when he has a wife, she should be the only woman in his life until they had little Martinitos and Martinitas. Then he decided that it would be best if he kept his wife with his children and his would-be girlfriend and his wife's would-be boyfriend got together. I was dying, it was just so cute. I'm so glad he made that decision early on in life.

Naim is going to be baptized this next Saturday...we hope.  We took him to a baptism service on Saturday and the entire time I was praying that he would feel something. He said that he felt a lot of peace :)

This week I gave Imer's parents their hymn books that you sent and they absolutely loved them! They kept touching them and told me how grateful they were and that they're going to start walking around like little kids with a new toy. 

I learned this week how amazing and quick the pride cycle is that they teach in seminary. Generally, those in the scriptures go through it in a matter of years. Thank goodness I only went through it in a week and hope to never go through it again. I invite you all to study up on the Grace of God. It's truly amazing and a wonderful blessing.


Trying to get warm after a really big rain storm.  We were drenched when we showed up for our lunch appt. and the member insisted on drying my clothes, so she gave me something to wear while we waited

                                                            Me and my new companion

                                                                  Ferris Wheel Ride
                                                   View of the City from the Ferris Wheel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First of September! :D

This week has been a little crazy. I feel like it all went by in a blur.

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of contacting a reference from our zone leader. She was very friendly and kind. She had been visited by the missionaries before quite a few years back. When she told us that they had only come 3 times, my companion and I felt a little bad trying to think of why they had stopped visiting her, maybe because of transfers and they both left or they missed their appointment and never took the time to come back? We didn't know....until about 5 minutes later. This woman is very very catholic and likes to Bible Bash. Of course we didn't bash back but oh my goodness. I sat and listened to her tell us that we needed to look through the eyes of God and not through the eyes of men and see that every person has the original sin (meaning we're all responsible for the transgression of Adam) and that we needed to realize that our Book of Mormon was full of errors when compared to the Bible and on and on. Man, was I ready to get out of there when we finally got to leave. My companion was a little angry and I was just a little frightened. Especially because my companion set another appointment with her! O.O Our next appointment is on Wednesday and I have no idea why my companion decided that it would be a good idea to return. Not that she has to worry though, seeing as how she has transfers.

Also on Wednesday, we found out that I'm going to be a trainer! O.O Talk about excited and terrified at the same time. Excited because the Lord and the President think I'm ready to train someone new and terrified because I don't think I'm ready at all. =P 

We had intercambios (exchanges) this week and it was awesome! I was in Amalucan with Hermana Martinez who is just the most lovely and kind person ever. I didn't want to leave her area or her. She was so encouraging and loving that I felt like I could do anything. :D 

We had the opportunity to do a lot of service on Saturday. We visited a less active member who broke a bone in her right arm and now only has one hand that works. We helped her fold her clothes and wash her dishes. It was great to finally get to do some service. Then we visited one of our investigators that has a water purifying business. She was alone and so we decided to help her with her work of fill up bottles and bottles of water and sealing them so that they can sell them. It was alot of fun and very very wet. =P