Saturday, March 22, 2014

First email from Hermana Parslow March 22, 2014

Hola mi familia! How is everything going? I hope everyone is doing well. Mucho gracias for the card! It couldn't have come at a better time! 
   It's interesting here at the MTC, the first day after you dropped me off I got my badge, my books, and found out where I would be sleeping. The elders we met by the temple weren't kidding. I really am on West Campus and it is totally the best. They're pretty laid back and trusting here. Up at the Main Campus where the dorms are is almost like the military compared to here. Not to mention my apartment is super nice. The only downside is the two fire alarms in the house that beep all. day. long. The one in the hall beeps every 23 seconds and the one in my bedroom beeps exactly 8 seconds after that. Oh my goodness, I'm about ready to break them. However the second night I was here we figured out how to make them be silent for at least 8 hours, which was a total bonus! It wasn't until after one of our teachers, Hermano Dolbin, said something about batteries that we realized new batteries would fix the beeping problem...go figure! 
   I live with 5 other girls who are in my district. Hermana Bulllock, who's a super sweet woman from Canada, Hermana Powell, who's from  Indiana, Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Wells, who are both from Utah, and then Hermana Ibarra from Portland, Oregon. She's my companion. I am so blessed to have her as mi companera. She’s sweet, kind, likes to laugh, and super excited about serving the Lord, which is great because I had a really hard time being excited once I got here but I'll tell you about that in a minute. We get along splendidly! I don't think our district could have been paired up better. We've gotten into the habit of thanking each other for being our companion right before we say goodnight.
   So, first there's a district, which is the class that you first start out in (we have all hermanas), and then there's a zone which is made up of districts. We only have two districts in our zone, our zone leader is Elder Clements...the one we met at the temple, he's fantastic. Those hermanas and elders in the other district are so wonderful. They have been here a while and have spent the last few days showing us the ins and outs of the MTC. They actually just got their travel plans and are leaving next week which makes me very sad. Hermana Spence, from Montana, was the first one I met when I got dropped off on West Campus. She ran up to me and yelled, "You're in my zone!" Everyone in our zone was super excited to see all of us hermanas because they had apparently been the only district in their zone for a few weeks. 
   It's amazing that I've only been here 3 days, I feel like I've been here for weeks. Every day is soooo full. They don't waste any time here, which is awesome! Keeping busy seems to be the best way to keep the homesickness from too bad. Speaking of that, I might as well tell you. I have been a little homesick, don't worry, although I feel it sometimes, I'm doing much better now. :D 
    I was actually talking to Hermana Bullock in the kitchen last night because we were both brushing our teeth (6 girls + 1 bathroom = Improvise with kitchen sink!) and I found out that she was going through the exact same thing as I was. She was just as surprised that she was homesick too. We talked about it and how upbeat our companions were and agreed that although they were fantastic, it was nice to know we weren't alone in our trials.
   Our first investigator discussion was pretty good. Her name was Gabriela, she's super friendly and bubbly although I have no idea what she is saying and she speaks sooo fast. It's a good thing Hermana Ibarra speaks some spanish otherwise we both would've been deers in headlights. Luckily, Gabriela spoke un poco English and so with some charades and Spanglish her and I were able to understand each other. We're teaching her again this evening when P-day is over. 
   Ugh! I have so much to tell you and sooooo little time! Um, a quick overview I suppose. Today we went to the temple which was pretty cool, the Provo temple is super white and cream. Oh! Yes, the food is decent. It's pretty good actually. We visited the main campus cafeteria today for lunch and it's no wonder the missionaries gain so much weight while they're here, there's food....EVERYWHERE! Oh. my. goodness. I was in heaven. Especially since they had some classic Utah foods that I didn't realize any one else ate. Like frog-eye salad or orange salad. Yeah,  I had to explain to just about everyone in my zone what was in it and why I was so beyond excitement that I was getting to eat it.
    Um, a spiritual thought. One of our teachers Hermano Dolbin is amazing. He taught us last night and the one thing that really stuck out to me was this...(by the way, you know that he really wants you to remember something when he gets super serious and saying something in Spanish and then English) he said, "Never forget. The ONLY person who can heal someone is Christ. He is the ONLY person who can offer it. His Atonement is real and it is the only thing that can heal someone." Also, "The Lord is gathering His sheep and He is going to do it no matter what. He's just letting us be a part of it. Our job is to figure out how to get out of the way so that He can do it." 
   The Spirit is amazing here! I love you all! The Lord loves you! Let me know how everything is going at home! Let me know if you have any questions! Hasta luego! 
P.S Apparently they gave us the wrong address here is my updated one.
Carlie Cynthia Parslow
2023 N 900 E Unit 826
Provo UT 84602

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