Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy August!!

I had become a little discouraged in my area because everything began to slow down. I felt sad and  had a hard time feeling the Spirit. However, after going on exchanges, I got the chance to have a really good talk with my Sister Training Leader Hna Peñalosa. We talked about the importance of allowing the Atonement to work in our lives and the importance of choosing to be happy and not letting ourselves become discouraged. She gave me a wonderful talk after listening for a good hour of everything that I had saved up that was causing my feelings. She's so amazing and I was so grateful for the time that I had with her I later read in PMG about the importance of moving forward with faith and trusting in the Lord. When we do this, we allow the Spirit to enter more into our lives and we are able to work with more power in our lessons and in our lives in general.

Also, on exchanges, I got to meet the "best ward mission leader ever" and actually he just might be. =P I had so much fun with them and really enjoyed a little break from everything here.

This week we also got to see the Perez Lopez Family. I was kinda nervous to be visiting them because we hadn't seen then in almost 2 months and we were going to use this lesson as the deciding factor as to whether or not we were going to continue visiting this wonderful family that I had come to love. However, I had no reason to worry because we had given them the homework of reading 3 Nephi 11which talks about Christ coming to the Americas and how he institutes baptism. They alone taught themselves the doctrine of baptism and then accepted the invitation to be baptized and promised that they would do all that was possible to go to church this coming week! Woohoo! I love them so much!

Today we had one of my favorite district activities. We danced. We learned the national dance of Chile which is supposed to be a kind of flirty dance I guess but you don't touch each other. It was very classic and the majority of us are definitely American because it was so hard for us to get it. =P Also we learned a Tahitian hula dance from one of the American sisters in our district, Hna Matagi. That was super fun because the elders really can't move their hips....the sisters can't either. =P We also did a few line dances and then we ate a dessert from Chile can calsettas rotas ("broken socks" o.O) they were absolutely delicious. =)

This week was also the Town party so we ate nothing but Mole and didn't work yesterday because of all the drunks wandering around last night. =P We also got a nice stomach ache from the Mole but we're better now so that's good news. =) 

Oh this coming week we'll be finding out about transfers O.O I'm kinda nervous. I don't want to leave my last transfer and I don't want my district to be changed. They're just all so awesome. =)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can all see miracles each day! =)
This is a huge butterfly that likes to watch me do my laundry :)

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