Sunday, April 13, 2014

Email April 12, 2014

Conference was amazing. There's something incredible about being in a big room of missionaries listening and learning from the prophets.

I'm so glad Jeff Terry is doing better. Thank you for letting me know that he is in the hospital. Please tell them I will be praying for him and their family too.

I actually will probably see Cailey Jeppson on the Sunday after she arrives and the Sunday before she leaves. Let me know how the farewell goes.  Also, please thank Sister Jeppson for me when you see her next. In her loving kindness she sent me an Easter package that I'm very excited to start. She also gave me things for my Easter basket and my companion's. Hermana Ibarra was so grateful that she wants to write a letter with me to thank them. 

Oh Dad, thank you so much for your letter. I'll be writing you back but I just wanted to let you know that it brought so much comfort and answers to the questions I had sent in a letter to you the day before. I am so grateful that you listened to the spirit and knew exactly what to write to help me!
On Sunday, we watched General Conference and then found out that we still had a devotional that night. Oh man, were we all bummed. We couldn't take sitting anymore. At least, that was until we realized who was coming. VOCAL POINT!!! They're an amazing accapella group from BYU, all members, all return missionaries, It was amazing. They would share a thought with us about missionary work and an experience from their mission and then they would sing a hymn for us. Oh my goodness. I don't know how they're going to top that one.
We got a new investigator this week. She's our TRC investigator which means she could be a real investigator or not. Regardless, she's amazing. She's very kind, very attentive, and very receptive. We love teaching her. Our lessons with her are amazing! We were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her and ending up talking a lot about baptism. She had a sister who died as a baby and wasn't baptized. Her mother was so upset and still sad about it because she had been told that her daughter was lost in limbo. I don't know how we did it but through the power of the Spirit we were able to pull out scriptures from the Book of Mormon that explained all about infant baptism and were able to teach her in great detail and were able to address what she needed. It's amazing. We taught her yesterday about the Plan of Salvation and she was just so happy about it. Hermana Ibarra and I both felt reminded about why the plan is so important and just how much we want to be with our families forever. 

On Thursday, we got to have a really good lesson with Brother Dolbin. I know I talk about his lessons a lot but really, they're some of the best. We were outside and he was answering any of the questions we had through the scriptures. It was only Hermana Ibarra, me and Hermana Powell and Hermana Bullock. The other two were at the doctor all day. Anyway, the lesson was amazing. He answered some of my questions without me even having to ask them, like questions I had forgotten I had. He explained about personal study and how important it is that we use at least part of our personal study for ourselves, to not just study for our investigators. 'We can only convert someone up to the point of our own conversion.' Using this amazing knowledge I decided to try it out on Friday, I studied about the glory of God and what exactly that means. I'm learning about it but D&C 93 is amazing for this topic. The verse I want to share isn't about the glory of God however it's about us. Verse 45-46 say, "Verily I say unto you my servant Joseph Smith Jun. or in other words, I will call you friends, for you are my friends, and ye shall have an inheritance with me -- I called you servants for the world's sake, and ye are their servants for my sake" When we try to serve others, whether or not we have a calling in the church, we become his servants. Let us all not only do our best to be his servants but may we all strive to be worthy of being called His friends. 

I love you all! May the Lord bless you!

Hermana Parslow

"Continue on your journey, for I am with you even to the end." --the Lord.

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