Saturday, April 19, 2014

Email April 19, 2014

Qué pasa? What's up mi familia? 

Okay, answers, just so that I don't forget to answer them.=)

I just sent you a picture. Sorry I haven't sent any yet. You can only send 1 at a time here cause the file size is too big and the hour we have goes by too fast! 

One other companionship is going to Puebla North with my companion and I. The other two, H' bullock and H' Powell are going to the Monterrey East Mission. We actually just met another sister on Wednesday who's going to the Puebla mission with us. 

Rochelle sent me a package and I was surprised that she had sent me a CTR ring, I love it!!!  I’m going to try and write her a thank-you note before I leave the MTC.

Guess what? I got my travel plans!!!! Yay!!!!!
We're all super excited! We leave next Monday. Our first flight is at 12:45, we'll fly to Houston, Texas, then we'll fly from Houston to Puebla at 6:32. I won't even be in Puebla until 8:30ish. I'm super excited though! :D 

We aren't doing to the Easter hunt thing until tomorrow because we get to do a Zone activity each Sunday. Since we all got plastic eggs from our families and Hermana Ramirez got candy from her mom, we decided to do an Easter egg hunt with the Elders that day. We're all pretty stoked! 

Ooo speaking of Easter, guess what? We get someone awesome tomorrow who's going to come speak to us!  I don't know who yet but I can just feel it.  Rumor has it that it's gonna be one of the First Presidency but no one knows yet. It'll definitely be one of them or a member of the 12. I'm so excited! Not to mention we're in the choir as well so we get to sing for whoever is coming!

On Sunday, the BYU Men's choir came and performed for us. They're the largest all men choir in the USA. They were amazing! They sang a couple of hymns but mostly none traditional songs. It was music to my ears...literally. They sang "Lean on me" and they did it in a very Southern style that was sooo much fun! Then they sang an African song that was amazing and a New Zealand song that was beautiful. They did a war dance that was kinda like the Hakka. It was awesome! Especially for missionaries that haven't heard anything but the sound of their own voices for the last month....or 3 months. Some missionaries are here forever!

On Tuesday, Neil A Anderson came and talked to us! I know! Neil A Anderson! He talked about the Atonement and about the importance of knowing where in the scriptures the Atonement is mentioned in the Book of Mormon. 

We taught Leticia for the last time yesterday. It was really sad. Of course we didn't treat it like a last lesson but it was still sad. We were able to teach her all of the lessons and she was soooo close to being ready for baptism! Ugh, aw well, I'm glad we got the chance to teach her. She was amazing and very open to the gospel.

This next week we'll be teaching each other as we take on the role of a investigator. I thought of the person who would be the most difficult and give me the best view of what an investigator sees. So I became Justina.  It's fun, and super cool to feel the power the other missionaries have. Especially the ones who feel like they struggle the most. The Spirit is so strong here it's amazing!

I love you all! I'll let you know how Easter went! 

Finally a picture :)

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