Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hola everyone!
This week was an interesting one. It was actually pretty rough too. We didn't have many people to teach and those we were going to teach often cancelled. I was surprised that so many appointments had fallen through. Saturday morning I woke up feeling really down. The day previously we didn't have a single appointment hold, not even our usual lunch appointment happened. We had tons of time and I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. We tried a little bit of contacting and visiting the less active members but it just felt like we didn't do any work. When I told my companion how I felt during study time, she reminded me that it's going to happen. Sometimes we'll teach 30 lessons in one week and sometimes we'll hardly teach any. It's all a matter of perspective and remembering that things will get better. Today we'll work better and harder than yesterday. It'll all about moving forward.
We have one investigator named Felipe....He's an interesting indivdual. He's studying English for his work and loves to talk. Especially when he talks to the missionaries because he can practice his English. It's great but the only problem is that we think he only wants to meet with us to practice, not to actually learn about the gospel. We're not sure how to help him see the importance of the gospel in his life but I hope we will be able to.
Monday night we got to have FHE with the Vasquez family. They are so much fun. I have no idea what they say half the time but it's great being with them anyway. We taught about family love and left them with the commitment to show a simply demonstration of love for each other every day of the week. This invitation goes for everyone else too. =) A little love can go a long way. =) (Speaking of which, say "Hi" to everyone you meet. I've tried to keep this a habit here and greet everyone we pass. The other day I just didn't feel like doing it so I hardly greeted anyone. As we walked by a little side store we pass everyday, I heard, "Buenas Tardes!!" I turned around to see the young man I say hello to everyday, waving at us and grinning. It brightened my day. You never know who you're affecting when you show a little kindness.) After the lesson and we were leaving, I started to notice this little tan beetle things crawling about the house. I had never seen them before. The two boys Daniel and Javier started picking them up and trying to get me to hold them. As it turns out, these little guys are all over the place at night. They land all over the sidewalk and try to sneak inside of people's houses. I have no idea what they're called but I'll let you know when I find out. =) I love spending time with the Vasquez family. They give that feeling of home. A couple of the members here give that feeling. Like Hermana Mary Carmen. 
We had a lunch appointment with Mary Carmen this week and we usually leave every house with some sort of lesson. We decided to talk with her about eternal families, since we had found out that she was living with her boyfriend. We hadn't really met him yet so we didn't figure he would be there. Well, as it turns out, he was. At first we felt awkward and a little nervous about this topic and sharing it with them but we knew it was the lesson the Lord had asked us to teach, so we did. He ended up being super awesome and they were really into the discussion.
My mission president consistently says that the focus of this mission is MIRACLES. He says that right now is an amazing time to be in the mission because missionaries throughout are experiencing miracles everyday. I haven't quite had the chance to experience grand miracles yet but I have experienced some small ones. Like when it was downpouring right after our meeting on Wednesday night at the chapel and neither of us wanted to run through the rain and we ended up not having to because a kind member couple offered us a ride. Or on Saturday when I had prayed for help in making contacts and right as we walked out of our front gate there was someone to contact. She was very nice and receptive and we actually have an appointment with her tonight. Or, I know this is silly, but having warm water in the shower. Now, let me explain, our boiler is funky. It's supposed to give hot water the whole time but it only stores up some before the water gets cold. Now I'm not complaining but a warm shower is nice every now and then. Well, usually only one person gets to have a warm shower and it's whoever gets in the shower first...this is usually my companion. The other day, I was waiting for my companion to be done in the shower, looking at how long she had been in the shower, and knew that there was absolutely no hot water left. It had been a rough morning and I wasn't looking forward to the freezing cold. I prayed in my heart for Heavenly Father to heat up the water. Guess what? He did! I know it's nothing grand but it meant alot that morning and He understood that. Just an example that there is nothing we could ask for that is too small for the Lord to answer.
Today we had a zone activity. First we played kickball, which was really fun, and then soccer. I was a little aprehensive about playing soccer because I'm awful at it. However, apparently as long as I'm in a group of missionaries I'm not too bad. There were plenty of accidents and hilarious moments but probably the one that caused the most attention was when an Elder and I collided. He had the ball and when I went for the ball we both slipped and I ended up hitting him right in between the legs. I know, ouch. Everyone was laughing really hard and I tried to apologize countless times but I was laughing to hard to really make it sound sincere.
It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself in just two weeks of being in the field. I'm learning that obedience is really hard but not impossible and if we try our hardest to be exactly obedient, Heavenly Father will give us countless opportunities to prove that we're trying. You'll be happy to hear this Cortney, I hate being late. It drives me nuts. I've become that companion that is standing at the door waiting and calling up the stairs that it's time to go. I have started to see the kind of missionary I truly want to be and I'm beginning to understand just how hard I need to work to get there, I'm so excited. :D  
It was so wonderful to see you all on Saturday. I'm so glad you're all doing great. =) I love you all and thank you so much for all the love and support that you share with me. =)

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