Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 19, 2014

Today is my two month mark of my mission! Wow, awesome right? :D
Wow, where to start...
Monday night last week we had a lesson with Marianna. She's the woman we contacted right outside our front gate. She's part of that crazy religion that "speaks in tongues" and where everyone passes out when they feel overwhelmed with the Spirit. She was telling us how during one of her first times at her church the preacher asked her if she was feeling the Spirit...with her feet. It was interesting but it was pretty cool to teach her. It was more of a this is what we believe and this is why. She was very interested in it and I'm pretty excited to teach her again. 
After our lesson this week with Felipe, one of our investigators that we just can't figure out what we need to do to help him. We decided to visit Jordy and Angeles. Two investigators that we had been trying to get ahold of for the past week or so. Like we figured, they didn't answer the door but as we were walking up the street deciding who we should visit. They ran out of the home next door and invited us in to teach them. We taught them a little more about the Plan of Salvation and discussed the importance of marriage. Jordy didn't like the idea too much and started expressing alot of doubts about the whole marriage thing. I quietly watched as normally do, wow, not sure how I got it into italics and I have no idea how to change it....huh, silly spanish keyboards...anyway, after I listened and observed for a while, Jordy asked me what I thought. I thought for a moment and then bore my testimony about the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how important it is for us in our lives. I testified of how it was the only way for us to be eternally happy with our families forever and that God never asks us to do something without a reason and everything that He commands us to do is for our benefit. It was really cool to watch them as I did my best to express my feelings because they really had to listen to understand.
On Wednesday, our ward had a celebration for Mother's Day. I got to meet a whole lot more of the women in the ward and got to know them more. I spent alot of the time laughing and enjoying watching them play musical chairs and karaoke.
Speaking of Karaoke, our neighbors behind us have Karaoke night atleast once a week and it goes from 9ish at night to about 3 in the morning. Oh my goodness. It's quite the nightmare. However, my companion and I will sit during our planning and every now and then rate them on how well they're doing. 
I got to see all my Hermanas from the MTC on friday. It was so great to see them all and to hear about their first 3 weeks in the field. 
Oh! I got the package!!!! I was going to get it on Friday but my Zone Leader tried to do me a favor and picked it up for me. I thought I was going to have to wait until Sunday but luckily we had a service project for out two newest investigators on Saturday and he gave it to me then. Thank you so much for your letters, the paddle, coloring book, and stickers! They couldn't have come at a better time. =) I've decided to become a paddle ball master by the end of my mission, it's good cause I think I'll get plenty of practice. ;) 
Our two newest investigators are wonderful. They're a little family with a month and a half old daughter. They're so sweet and the husband, German, seemed to understand what we were teaching real quick and even helped explained a little of it to his wife when she didn't understand something. It's always a cool moment when you're in a lesson and you're about to teach the lesson you planned but the Spirit tells you to switch the lesson and even though you don't say anything, you hear your companion change the lesson to where it's supposed to go. Totally had that moment. =) They were the ones that we did the service project for. I was so excited that I got to help. We were moving this little mountain of dirt, bricks, and other assorted pieces of....things, that was in their yard. Elder Reidhead kept saying, "One man's trash is another man's potpourri." Yeah, I know...he's just alittle wierd. =) It was so nice to do some hard manual labor again. My companion thought I was crazy, even after I explained that it was a part of my childhood and felt like a little piece of home. We're finishing up the little mountain on thursday and are doing some yardwork for a member on Wednesday. Hooray for service! I'm super excited! :D 
This Sunday we got a less active young member attend church for the first time in two years. I was so impressed with the members of the ward as they greeted him with open arms. There was hardly a moment when I looked over to see how he was doing and he wasn't being caught in conversation or being hugged by someone. He had a great time. =) If they hadn't of reached out like they did I don't think he would have liked it as much. It's really important to make people feel noticed every time they walk in the door to the church. I invite everyone to try and reach out to everyone when you attend church on Sundays. Even if they're active members. Everyone needs a little love. =) 
Last quick story. We've been trying to be better at contacting in the street because we're not too good at it and we're kinda hurting for people to teach. Last night on our way home my companion started contacting two people who were sitting on the side of the parking lot. She asked if she could give them a card and they agreed. After she started explaining that we were missionaries, the woman gave the card back. They both stood up and the man started asking if we were the Mormons. Of course we said yes. Turns out he has an old and well abused copy of the Book of Mormon. The woman did not like all. Especially once we started talking about Joseph Smith and having prophets today. I could feel her anger rolling off her in waves. I was ready to be like, "Wow, look at the time, I think we left out oven on..." but my companion stood her ground regardless of their questions and hostility and calmly and friendly continued to share the Gospel and answer their questions. My respect and admiration for her grew even more in that moment. I want to be like that when I grow up. =) 
Oh! We were playing soccer today with another zone and I saw that my District Leader had somehow hurt his leg. I asked him what happened and his answer was, "I prayed." What? Turns out, he had gone down to kneel and as he slid his leg back, he pulled something in his thigh. Then he made it worse when he made a boss goal earlier that day during the soccer game. Wow. Best injury story! Better watch out for those prayers...they can be dangerous. =)
My companion is crazy. The other night I was trying to get service on our silly cellphone and so I was out by our boiler, for some reason it's the only place we can get service at night, and my companion was in our living room area with our broom. I'm focused on the phone when suddenly there's a crash of glass and a flash of light. Then it goes dark. Apparently my companion had been twirling the broom like it was a colorguard flag and hit the lightbulb that dangles from the ceiling, promptly breaking it. Wow, I know right? She's not allowed near the broom anymore. =P
I'm so glad to hear everything is going well at home.
I love you all! You're all in my prayers! I miss you all!

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