Friday, November 7, 2014

7 Months!!

This week we learned a very important lesson about why people should get baptized on Saturday and then get confirmed on Sunday. Martin was baptized on Sunday last week and we all knew he would have to wait to be confirmed. There's only one problem, although he's been baptized, he doesn't have the protection and help of the Holy Ghost and Satan never stops working. We've become very concerned about him as in one week he's basically changed his personality. We tried to get him to church on Sunday but "couldn't go". We're really hoping that we can find the way to help him.

This week, they divided our area and we not have more time to focus on one side, we've been searching for the ancient investigators in our area book. We were looking for one in a very sad and poor area. She wasn't home so we decided to ask one of her neighbors if she knew her and when she would be home. We walked past all of the doors that were locked (they lock all the doors from the outside when they leave with a bike lock) and passed by one that was unlocked and had voices coming from inside. My companion kept walking but I stopped and looked at the door. When I knocked a lady answered and we asked her if she knew the investigator we were looking for. She let us know that the one we were looking for had moved over 5 years ago. However, after a little bit of talking and introducing who we were and what we do, she invited us to enter her house. She ended up being super friendly and funny. We will be meeting with her tomorrow to begin her lessons.

Yesterday, Marisol and her husband Javier came to church. We were really excited. Although it was kind of rough throughout the services because our members love to greet our investigators and preach to them "The Gospel" and we had to correct some of the things the members told them, they really enjoyed the meetings and even though they had only planned to stay for the first hour, they stayed for all 3. They seemed so happy when they left that I was so glad that they came.

                                                              My Mission Family

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