Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And Behold, It Came To Pass...That He Was Baptized

Martin was baptized yesterday! It was so awesome, the room was packed, so many people from the ward came to see our little 10 year old get baptized. Most importantly his aunt and uncle came to watch. We had been trying for almost 3 months to get their permission and the week before they signed the baptism registry and yesterday he entered the water. His poor primary teacher who baptized him was so super nervous that he had to say the prayer 4 or 5 times and baptize Martin 2 or 3 times before he finally got it right. However it was so beautiful to see Martin in his white and everyone there that went out of their way to get everyone together, get the primary together to sing, and make the refreshments for afterwards. We have to wait until next week for him to be confirmed a member of the church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost but I'm so excited that he made the first step! :D

Finding new investigators in this part of the city of Puebla is surprisingly difficult, however we received a reference from the offices of the Church and she is amazing! I felt a little bad, because in the area of getting new investigators I'm pretty pessimistic. Usually we find one and after the first visit we can't find them, or they don't have time, or they just never progress. To start teaching someone with the hope that they'll get baptized is pretty hard for me. However, this woman is amazing. I keep waiting for a catch or something to happen that confirms my worries. Her name is Marisol, she's a believer in God and openly accepts what we teach her. We were talking about prophets and their importance and as I mentioned that we've had prophets since the beginning of time she interrupted me to say something like, "Ya know what, I was thinking about that and it's totally true. We've had prophets since the beginning and so it would make sense that we would have one now, no? I believe that there's a prophet now, I just don't know him yet." My companion and I were in shock. Every principle that we shared from the first lesson she accepted and confirmed that she new it was true. 
Her husband has a Book of Mormon and just loves it and her son's dream has always been to enter our chapel. Her daughter is amazingly sweet and they all have experiences that have helped them be prepared for the Gospel. My companion and I both felt like we should invite her to be baptized but we didn't do it. I know that I didn't do it because I was worried she'd say no but everyone that we talk to about her asks us if we've invited her to be baptized and when we say no they all freak out like, "What?! Are you kidding me?! She's golden!" Yes, yes, we know. We're planning on doing it when we have our next lesson with her. 

Yesterday we visited some members for the last time because they'll be splitting our area for the elders that are coming tomorrow. We were with a Sister who's been sick and her son and daughter had been cleaning out a junk closet and her son walked in and handed my companion something. I thought it was a bean bag but then my companion asked me if I wanted to receive my official welcome to Mexico and become a Mexican. I was concerned and figured I was going to get very very dirty. She then broke an confetti egg over my head and confetti went EVERYWHERE. o.o However, I am officially a Mexican! :D I guess that now when people ask me where I'm from I can just say, "Mexico". :D

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