Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014

Wow, I can't believe it's already been one transfer since I came to Mexico. It seems like the moment we walk out the door, the day just flies by. 

My first cambio was okay. It wasn't perfect but I wouldn't have learned anything if it had been. I look back at when I first came here and I'm amazed at how much I've learned even in just the language! I can speak just fine. It's not perfect but since I have my companion to help me when I goof up on something I don't worry about it too much. It's really just understanding people that I have trouble with, but the language ability is getting to the point where now I can focus more on improving my teaching skills so that I can help people instead of just trying to understand what they say when they look at me. =) 

So! That awesome story I was going to tell you about. Okay...here it goes.

Once upon a time, there was an American sister missionary who was out in the street with her companion in San Andres Cholula, Mexico. There was a lady in a car who was fair and blonde and definitely not from Mexico. She knew this because the lady kept staring at the sister missionary and only those from outside of Mexico, who are white and fair, stare at other white people in the street. (True Story) Now, this sister missionary had been trying very hard to learn Spanish so that she could teach the message she had about Jesus Christ and how through him all had the chance to be happy forever with one's family. She was feeling a little down because it was very difficult to share this message in Spanish and she just didn't feel like she was fulfilling her purpose as a missionary because she had such a hard time communicating in the language. As she saw the other fair woman staring at her, she thought to herself, "Oh! If only I could meet another American here that I could teach this message to in English! How then I would feel like a true missionary!" She later mentioned this to her companion about just how cool it would be to meet another English speaker here in Mexico.
They went about their day, visiting investigators and less actives. Talking with people in the street and trying to share their special message that they had.
That evening they visited the house of two of their investigators. They had only expected to see the girlfriend but what a surprise to see the boyfriend there as well. To top it off they had their friend visiting! This was both exciting and a little nerve racking for this sister missionary but she was determined to teach that day. They talked to the investigators about whether they had kept their commitments and explained a little about baptism as the investigators had questions. They introduced their friend and explained that he was visiting from Texas. The missionary assumed that he grew up in Mexico and had only been living in Texas for a little bit of time. Her companion and the friend talked for a moment in Spanish and her companion tried to ask a question, however the friend just couldn't seem to understand. After the 3 time of being asked the same question, the friend looked at the American sister missionary and in the thickest Tennesseean accent asks, "What is she trying to say?" The shock for this sister missionary was overwhelming. As she and the friend continued to talk she ended up teaching the whole Plan of Salvation...in english! How was it that the unspoken desire of her heart had been answered in the last place she expected? She was over joyed to be reminded of why she was here and the ability she had to teach her message even if she couldn't speak Spanish.

So yeah, I totally met another American in the middle of Mexico in one of our investigators' houses. It was really cool. I'm Miss Parslow to him and we don't know how long he's going to be here but I'm really hoping we get to teach him more. Not because he speaks English but because he really REALLY needs the gospel in his life. He's been told all of the lies in the book about heaven and life after death and the purpose of this life. He's only 19! However, it was really cool to talk to him and to see the little ways that he's been prepared. I'm beginning to see that with our other investigators too, how they're just perfectly ready for the gospel and they don't even know it!

Today we say goodbye to just about half of our zone. =/ Our zone leader and district leader included. It's pretty sad but we're excited to see the others that come in. =) Here is a picture of the Angelopolis Crew, it's my companion and I, Elder Araya, he's from Costa Rica and was our zone leader, and Elder Reidhead from Arizona. He'll be staying here until he goes home in July. =)

I love you all! Thank you so much for your support and love! Until next week!

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