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email June 30, 2014

Wow, what a week! Where did it go? o.O
First of all...rain....lots and lots of rain. We are definitely in the rainy season. Remember when I told you about that rainstorm that was just bien fuerte and turned the streets into rivers. Yeah, we get one of those at least once a day now. The last couple days it's been super duper hot about 30 minutes before the storm hits and then it sprinkles like a lovely mist from heaven and downpours. My companion's umbrella broke on Saturday. I wish I could have taken a picture, I asked but she said I couldn't. She had her black sweater over her head and her umbrella folded around her like a taco. I couldn't stop laughing. We ended switching umbrellas and now she uses mine because she has more of a problem with getting soaked than I do. ;) 

Second of all, Mexico lost their game in the World Cup on Sunday..sad day. but awesome because now there will finally be people in the street. No lie, we could definitely tell when Mexico was playing because the streets would be the middle of the day! The first time it happened and we saw maybe 3 people in the street in 30 minutes, I turned to my companion and said, "We're not allowed to gamble but I would bet that Mexico's playing right now." Totally true. 

So this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Nellie. She is just progressing!...Even if we aren't able to count her as a progressing investigator because she doesn't attend our ward on Sunday. We've been teaching her the lessons and with every visit she talks more and more and has greater and bigger questions! At first she would hardly speak and look at us with a terrified look every time we asked her a question. She still gives us the terrified look but now she at least is actively participating in the lessons. She absolutely loves the temple. She went to the open house in Mexico City because they just finished remodeling it and she really wants to go inside especially after we explained baptisms for the dead. We told her that she absolutely could go inside....after she was baptized. She wasn't too happy about that. =P 

We have a baptism date! :D He name is Manuel and he has a girlfriend who's a member and preparing to go on her mission. He's been to church a billion times and likes a lot of the Gospel. The only thing holding him back is that he's not attending our ward and is scared of his parents and what they'll do if he gets baptized. They're super catholic. They apparently don't like us teaching him but were the nicest people in the world when we visited him for the first time. I think they're mainly concerned that he's investigating the church for his girlfriend. We're still rootin' for him though and trying our best to help him be ready. =)

The Zone conference was great! I loved every moment! We got to eat delicious food made by Hermana Christensen and I got to spend some time with two of the Hermanas in my zone from Utah, Hermana Lowe from American Fork and Hermana Melton from Spanish Fork.

So I gave my first talk in church on Sunday. Originally, in our missionary coordination meeting I was asked to give my testimony, I was just about to say yes when my companion asks, "A testimony.....or a message?" Elder Ochoa, the new elder in our ward (He's fantastic by the way, I hope to be a missionary like him one day) says, "A message! Then she can work on her Spanish!" :D I wasn't bouncing off the walls about the idea but I accepted of course. I also had to prepare a lesson for our gospel principles class. When Sunday rolled around I was kinda stressed...just a little bit.  The entire week I had been praying to know what I should talk about and what I could say to help the members. I ended up deciding to use President Utchdorf's talk "Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration?" It went pretty well...for my first talk in Mexico. My companion was so sweet and encouraging. She looked like a proud Mama just smiling encouragingly at me every time I looked at her during my talk. Not gonna lie...I read most of it, but who can say it better than an apostle of the Lord?! ;) One of the Hermanas in our ward came up to me afterwards and said, "Don't worry, I understood what you were trying to say." Sweet no? =) 

It wasn't until Saturday night that I realized why I had been given so much responsibility and work so quickly. I had been asking the Lord to help me have a change of heart in my missionary work and in everything that I do. I was reminded of the farewell talk my friend Elder Christian Loftus gave before he left for Maryland. He told the story of the Jaredites and how they needed to cross the ocean to get to the Promise Land. The Lord promised to help them get to where they want to be and what does He do? He sends a hurricane. When they made it to the Promise Land and gave thanks to the Lord they realized that the storm that had caused so much fear and worry and stress during their journey never stopped blowing towards their destination. Wow, it spoke to me that day and speaks to me now. The Lord sends storms into our lives to help us grow into the person we want to be and even though it's hard, the wind never stops blowing us towards our destination and just like the Jaredites, when we're buried in our oceans of troubles and cares and feel that we will never resurface, the Lord pulls us back up again. =) There's also a talk by David A Bednar "Bear up their burden with Ease" That I was reminded of and like a lot about how our burdens give us the friction we need to move forward in life. =)

Yup, we can see all three volcanoes from where we are, two are extinct but they're all really cool to see. I'll have to take a good picture of them when they aren't covered by clouds and smog. =)
That's really cool about the rock with Lehi's dream on it, we were actually picked up for lunch by Hermano Brian (He's an American from Arizona who's married to a Pueblana here) and he was telling us about that mural that depicts Christ coming to the Americas. How cool is that?! I really hope I get to visit it while I'm here. =)
I'm glad Camille and Dad had a good time at Bersten ponds. =) I actually totally suggested that to her in the letter I sent on Thursday. =)

Tell everyone hi and send them my love! =)

Thanks Mom for everything that you do and thank you to everyone for your prayers! I love you all! :D

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