Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Intercambios, District competition, Baptism date, and the Centro

So this week we had Intercambios...or companion exchanges. Not gonna lie, I had really been dreading it because the last time I had done companion exchanges, I had really come home depressed. I left the area again because my companion had a doctor's appointment in Puebla and couldn't leave. I went out to Tlaxcala with Hermana Cuevas from the Dominican Republic. She was super fun and we got lost a ton. She's only been a Sister Training Leader for 6 weeks and doesn't fully know her area yet. It was super funny because apparently, in the Dominican Republic, they use English words randomly to fill in those words that just can't express the feelings in one's heart. Like, "heavy" means super duper cool and awesome. We ended up not getting to eat with a member because we were an hour late and when she got told and hung up the phone, she looked at me and said, "Unbelievable." I just had to smile and chuckle a bit. We got hit with an afternoon rainstorm that positively drenched us and was super freezing! I didn't know that rain could be that cold in the middle of summer. I later heard that there was hail so big in the Centro of Puebla that lightbulbs were smashed and there was notable damage. o.O She was super sweet all day and the next morning. She kept asking me if I was hungry or if I was cold or if there was anything she could do for me. It was a lot of fun. =)

Wednesday morning we had our weekly district meeting. My district leader is Elder Longenecker from....well, he claims both Utah and West Virginia so I really am not sure but he's positively fantastic. =) Our district had been struggling with street contacting and he decided that time was ripe to have a competition between us all. The companionship that had the least amount of contacts on Sunday had to buy a "prize" for the companionship that had the most. Since the other hermanas had a rough week and the elders just took off with their contacting (I'm practically convinced that they did nothing else =P), it looks like my companion and I are buying Elder Longenecker and his companion little Hot Wheels Cars. :D

While I was in Tlaxcala, my companion and her companion for the day, Hermana Chuc,  set a date for Angeles to be baptized! :D She didn't come to church this last Sunday or the week before because she had to work, but this week she's starting a schedule that will allow her to have Sundays off, so fingers crossed. :D
Today we have a lesson with our other investigator that we have a date with. We're going to have to change the date for him to next month but I think this will be a good chance to really figure out where he's at, spiritually wise.

Yesterday, we had a lesson with Marianna. She's the one that we found right outside of our front gate. We taught the Plan of Salvation and I got to use those awesome tools you sent me. Mom. She accepted it without a doubt and when we got the to end of the lesson we asked her to pray about it to know if it was true. She told us she didn't need to because she pretty much already knew it was true. I felt the prompting to invite her to baptism. As I did and watched her face, I thought, "Oh no." Well, she said no but we did find out that she believed the Plan of Salvation and loved the Book of Mormon, her only doubt is if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We invited her to pray and to ask and she agreed to do it. I have a feeling that once she gets her answer, she'll be baptized. She's been searching for the truth and now just needs to recognize that she's found it. =)

We went to the Centro today. It was super cool. There were shops on both sides of this little street with all kinds of cool things. I picked up something for everyone and I hope to have a package sent not too long after Transfers. Which by the way, we find out if we have transfers this Saturday. My companion thinks that she'll leave the area and I'll stay...we'll see. ;)

We don't get to teach the man that we ran into in the street because he's in the area of our zone leaders but I'm so excited for him to start getting the lessons. He's had a rough past and seems to be ready to start a new future. =) 

I can't upload pictures on this computer so I'll just have to shout it out. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!! Are you guys going to do anything fun? Take some time off and enjoy each other's company? 

because I keep forgetting to say, Mom, I love the highlights in your hair. They're gorgeous! =) 

About my Insanity workout, we all have USB's that we keep music and videos on and we plug those into our portable DVD players to do workouts and enjoy music. =)  

Next week, we're hoping to go to a beautiful little's about 3 hours from here but still in our mission. We're planning on going with Hermana Mary Carmen and her sister Hermana Veronica (we went to the Centro with her and her daughter today =) ). I think we're going to pick up Hermana Chuc and Hermana Cuevas on the way. We have to leave at like 5 in the morning. O.O Talk about early, but I'm sure it will be worth it. =)

I love you all, thank you so much for the wonderful package. That tape does wonders for my feet and our house now smells like Wintergreen. =)

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