Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 16

We will be having transfers again this week and my companion will be leaving the area. She's had about 4 and a half months here and that usually is the average to be in an area. Everyone has been so sweet as they've told her goodbye. Our convert, José Abel, arranged a little lunch in honor of her leaving. He had promised about a month ago to make us jewelry boxes (quick background story: He usually makes little jewelry boxes for a craft store and when I saw one that was simple but pretty I asked him where I could buy one like it, silly thing to ask a carpenter, and his only reply was something to the effect "Don't worry Hermana, I'll just make one for you" and that's exactly what he did.) and unfortunately I don't have pictures this time but next week I'll make sure to send them to you. They are absolutely beautiful! He make us each one and I've never been so grateful. I told him that I had always wanted a beautiful jewelry box to put my important things in and that he hadmade one of my dreams come true. He seemed very happy with that.

Like I said last week, we went to Zacatlan de las Manzanas, something of Apples I have no idea what Zacatlan means. Anyway, it's positively beautiful there. We went to the center of town where's there a huge clock surrounded by what are flowers during the summer. We finished off by going to a beautiful waterfall. I'll have to double check what it's called but you have to go down 365 steps to reach the waterfall. That also means going up 365 steps to return to the car. ;P We certainly got our exercise. Funny thing about Mexico, any beautiful or ancient site that you want to visit, you have to hike to. I guess the native inhabitants didn't mind exercise as much as we do. =P 

This week we had another zone conference with our President. It was really good however I think I enjoyed the zone meeting before even more. We talked about being excited for the work and how the prophets from the Book of Mormon passed for the same things as us and yet, the Lord helped them to keep going. This is something that every missionary has the chance to see and is grateful for each day. 

Yesterday, we ended up going to Puebla on an emergency trip for money. =P My companion had almost 1,000 pesos stolen out of her wallet and has been without money for the last 2-3 weeks and so we've been living off my monthly allowance. However, with so many trips into Puebla the last few weeks, I'm basically out of money also until Tuesday afternoon. So, the elders in the offices said that they could help us out by giving us money but we had to go into the offices to get them. A 2 hour trip in bus. My companion and I prayed to our Heavenly Father, asking that if there was a better way to get to the offices than taking the bus that he would show us. Fortunately the other hermanas decided to accompany us and weren't as embarrassed as I was to ask Hermano Emilio to drive us down. We all pooled our money for gas and had a pretty fun road trip down to Puebla together. We did get lost on the way home but everything went well. We were very blessed and now will be able to get to Puebla tomorrow for tranfers. =) 

My Heavenly Father has been answering my prayers a lot lately and I have been very grateful for them. It always amazes me just how mindful of each of us he is and I cannot comprehend how he does it. However, I am reminded that right now I'm just a missionary and not a God, so I don't have to worry about understanding everything right now. 

I must admit that I am sad to be seeing Hermana Vazquez leave the area, I'm not quite sure it's completely sunk in yet, however, I am so excited for her and for the next three months she will enjoy as she ends her mission. I have been very grateful for my time here in Libres with her and I don't think I've been happier in my mission. Although I am nervous or a little scared for tranfers, I am reminded of something that Jeffrey R Holland said, "Faith is moving forward, believing that the Lord has something better for us than what we now have."

I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you all!

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