Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 Where did January go? 

This week was probably one of the more boring and yet exciting in my mission!

On Monday, we fumigated our house. We left all of our clothes laid out all over the house and we were basically kicked out of the house by the sisters from the Relief Society that came to help. They were very excited at the idea of killing tons of bugs. =P We had planned things out so that we would have clean clothes during the couple of days that we would be out of the house and officially moved in with the other sister missionaries in our ward. It was fun having a whole missionary sleepover where everyone is asleep by 10:30 but we were so ready to be home by the time Wednesday came along. We ended up being without clothes until Friday I think, because we just kept running out of time to go and get them from the Lavanderia. It was amazing to see little surprises coming up of the Lord blessing us. I.E. My companion finding a clean skirt in her suitcase and me finding a clean pair of socks in my backpack that I had forgotten I had put in there. It looks like the fumigation did the trick for now and I have officially stopped touch dogs!! With all considered of the not really doing much because we took a few days to get the house back together, we're really excited to get back to work. 

Our recent convert Josè Abel has been doing well. He's just learning so much! He also had a very eventful Sunday and blamed us completely for it...in the best way possible. =P He received his first calling in the ward (counting heads during sacrament meeting), gave his first spiritual thought during Sunday School, and received the Aaronic Priesthood. We had asked the ward leaders to help us work towards these things to help him progress in the Gospel but we never expected it to happen so soon! I've been rather impressed with our Elders Quorum leader because he always seems to be just one step ahead of us to help Josè. 

This Sunday was really good. I actually really enjoyed fasting and I think it was because I had something really special that I was fasting for even though it scared me half to death to ask the Lord for it knowing that the outcome was going to be hard regardless but I'm also really excited for the chance to watch Him mold me again. 

Today we went to Puebla for a Zone activity. When they first invited us we said "thank you but no thank you" because we would have to travel 2 hours for a couple of hours of playing and then return and there wouldn't be time to complete everything we need to do to prepare for the week. However, they continued to insist and moved everything around so that it would be easier for us to go. In the end, I think I only went because I felt bad for all the work they had done to put it together and to make it more convenient for us. It actually was a lot of fun. I haven't been to an activity in a while and we all enjoyed it. We played soccer, volleyball, and basketball. All of which I'm horrible and yet competitive at, but we all had fun. 

I can't believe the month of January is already gone. I knew that the year would begin to pass super fast after the New Year but  I didn't think it would be that fast. Anyway, transfers are coming soon and it'll be interesting to see what happens. Usually we all start to receive a bit of personal revelation at this point, as President starts making the changes, but my companion and I both feel that anything is possible and so I guess we'll see. =) 

Thank you for all that you do! I love you all and have a wonderful week!
Here are some pictures of some service we did this week. The older woman in Hermana Agustina, the most loyal member of the church I have ever met. The man with the straw hat is Hno Emilio, a less active who's trying to come back and the man in the cameo is the less active that we have to drive 45 minutes to go visit. We were helping to get corn ready to be stored

This is hno Emilio's son. He's the cutest thing ever! At Jo'se Abel's baptism day, Emilito brought me a beautiful white rose. =)


Two day old baby goats at our ward mission leader's house. 

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