Tuesday, February 24, 2015

11 months!! .....waaaaatttt?!!

Can you believe that I've already been out here for almost a year?! I can't. It feels just like last month that I got here from the MTC, except that I can understand what everyone's saying now and I know what I'm doing...kinda. =P

This week has been rather interesting. I was really sad too to see Hna Vazquez go and even though we both cried a little after we found out, we knew deep deep deep DEEP down that it was a necessary change. She's now serving with in another stake but it seems that we will be seeing each other relatively often before she finishes her mission in May.

My new companion is Hna PĂ©rez. She's from the Mexico City and is almost as tall as I am. I still haven't quite adjusted to having someone my height walking by my side everwhere I go. =P She's super excited about the work of the Lord and to make a difference here in this area.
Hermana Perez

Thanks to my companion's love of contacting, we currently have a new family to teach that consists of a mom and two daughters. They have a lot of problems between them and the mom accepted us with the hope that we could help her rebellious 12 year old that 's dating a 17 year old. o.O They are really sweet and attentive and we hope to be seeing a lot of progress with them over the next few weeks. 

This week I've been receiving the blessing of spending a lot of time on my knees. It was surprisingly hard having a new companion and getting along with her is easy enough but it's all mostly feelings that I bring upon myself. Sometimes, I don't know what to do with myself or with my companion and feel that I just can't do anything. However, I'm beginning to be taught to be grateful for the daily strength that the Lord gives me even though my problem doesn't get solved right away.

Sorry it's not much of what's happened this week but I have to go, we are going into Puebla today with our zone to see Meet the Mormans.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Here are some pictures of the jewelry box Jose Abel made for me.

  Check out this GIANT asparagus we found!!!

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