Thursday, March 5, 2015

March? O.o

Well this week has been really exciting, what with the throwing of alcohol bottles through our windows and everything. However, I've also been able to see how the Lord has been answering my prayers. 
One experience was when we went to one of our little towns and I only had enough money to get us there and not nearly enough to get us back. As we left a lesson and started heading back to take the taxi in order to get home, I began wondering how I was going to pay for it. My companion didn't have any money and didn't know that I officially didn't have any. As I began to worry and try to make plans, a couple of members passed by us in their car and then gave us a ride back to Libres. They have no idea the great work they did for me in their little act of kindness towards the missionaries.

The next experience that I had was in the same little town. We had been running from Libres to get to an appointment in the little town over and I was a little worried to go into that part of our area because it was getting dark However, we had an important appointment there and so we went. I kept praying for the Lord to protect us. As we left the appointment, it was pretty dark and so I continued praying. Then when we asked some of the police for help they gave us a ride in a bike taxi (free) right up to the taxi that would take us home. They were so kind and were another answer to my prayers.

Today we got to do service for Hno Emilio and it was so much fun. We had been feeling recently that we needed to start visiting him although he always helps us out and we see him everywhere. It took some convincing but he allowed us to help him clean up his yard. We decided to do it today so that we could take all the time we needed. We had known a few things from his past and wanted the chance to talk about it but it turned out that a formal lesson setting wasn't best for him and we got the chance to talk alot while cleaning up his yard. We really hope that this chance and talk that we had with him will help him begin repenting and start moving forward. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.!! I love you all!!

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