Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Showers???

Sad news, our investigators are not doing so hot. We never saw Oscar again but there's still hope as Hermano José Abel is going to do what he can to get ahold of him and get us an appointment with him. Gotta love members with lots of excitment for missionary work! 

Fabiane and Andrea we think are slowly slipping away and we feel that part of it is because of their mother who has lied to us a few times to get us to not visit them. However, we're hoping to see them this week and to get them back on track.

We found out this week that Alejandro has a bit of a problem with drugs...great. His girlfriend told us. =) Seriously, sometimes I feel like a spy with investigators, trying to get information about them through their family and friends that we know. ;P The cool thing is that after our first lesson with him, my companion told me that she thought that he has problems with the Word of Wisdom, specifically drugs and it was confirmed by his girlfriend Fanny when we went to our appointment with him and she told us...afer a bit of prying but she told us. I've learned recently that if you want to know something about someone, the best way to find out is to ask directly without being embarrassed. It seems to work pretty well. =P 

I loved the conferences that we had this week, the zone conference and the stake conference. We talked about quite a few things in the zone conference but the part that I enjoyed the most what when we talked about anger...and I had a personal revelation while reading a talk from President Monson. I realized that I have been lying to myself for quite a while now because I always told myself that I don't ever get angry, I only get frustrated but then while reading I received the impression that although I don't get furious very often I still do get angry. Like President Christensen said (talking about when he gets angry) in the conference, "my blood boils a little and the Spirit leaves." I was also told that I needed to start admitting to myself when I get angry so that I can repent and begin to work on this little problem of anger that I have. Also, it was really interesting to see that after we talked about anger and how no one "makes us angry", we have to choose, we ended up talking about it almost every day with someone new, members and investigators. Funny how what we learn about the gospel comes in handy soon after we learn something new.

I also really liked a talk given by Elder Johnson in the Fuertes stake conference about being an example as parents. I loved his example that he gave in the beginning because when he began to give us intructions to clap when he had counted to 3, I knew there was a trick somewhere and that something smelled fishy. I told myself that I was going to do it exactly as he said and not waver. However, when he and everyone clapped on 2 so did I! I couldn't believe it. It's amazing how hard it can be sometimes to follow the instructions of someone you trust and they do something else. This not only applies to parents but also to missionaries. How can we invite people to come unto Christ if we're not doing the same? How can we teach them obedience to the commandments of the Lord if we're not doing everything possible to be obedient to not only the commandments of the Lord but also to each and every one of the mission rules. 

I can't lie, I'm a little nervous for transfers this week (they'll be letting us know at the earliest on wednesday) especially because I love my area so much and love working with Hermana Perez, but I am also learning to forget what I want and to let the Lord do all that He wishes to do with this year and a half that I promised to give Him. He's been teaching me alot about humility and dependence on Him. It's hard....really really hard...but I know that with time, I will be able to see and understand what He has in store for me and the person He is trying to mold me into, even if I'm really stubborn clay for molding. ;) 

Question for all of you:
If Christ was chosen as our Savior to save us from our sins, what was Satan going to save us from if he had been chosen as the Savior? o.O
(an ex-missionary asked us this yesterday and I studied it this morning. Hint: Liahona March 2015 Pg 25 excellent article and gives a great answer if you're looking for it =) ) 

Yes, the Easter package came in. I don't have it but it made it to the offices and I should have it on Wednesday...I hope. =)

Camille! Your hair is so freakin' long! Oh, and congrats on the YW Medallion! I'm so proud of you :D

Oh and no earthquake. We didn't feel anything. The only weird thing the earth has been doing out here is raining...a lot!!!

I'll tell you all about Easter here next week!...I think. I honestly have no idea how they celebrate it. All I know is that they have nothing to do with eggs and easter bunnies. =P

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