Thursday, April 2, 2015

Goodbye Libres

Hno Emilio's kids (Brittany, Heather, and Emilito)
Saying goodbye :(
So I will be leaving Libres tomorrow. It was rough to hear that I'm being transferred but the Lord is really helping me let go. I spent the last two weeks praying to my Heavenly Father, telling him just how much I want to stay in Libres for just one more transfer. I actually had the rest of my mission planned out in my mind. =P I would stay in Libres for one more transfer and then have my last three transfers in another area and then I would be ending my mission....Apparently, the Lord didn't like my plan too much and has decided to show me just how much better His is. ;)

This week, well not much happened. On Sunday we had stake conference right? Well guess what? José Abel received the Melquisedec Priesthood and participated in his first blessing on Saturday! Oh! How proud of him I am! I really feel like he's my little 66 year old son. =P Also, yesterday, we had a really funny experience with him....okay, funny now, not so funny then. We had planned to do a missionary practice with him to review the Restoration and he and I were going to be companions and my companion was going to be the investigator. Well, when we got there, we had Hno Emilio with us and then José Abel's uncle showed us (José Abel had invited him). Oh boy, was this man a treat. =P And man does he talk! There's an epidemic here in Latin America of Motormouth and this man had it bad. He's some kind of christian and when I asked our "investigators" who god was for them...oooooo we were there for 20 minutes listening to this man more or less explain who god was for him. (psst he never answered the question =P). We eventually gave up the idea of a practice and tried to get rid of some of the apostasy that this poor man had. We eventually gave up on the too because he wouldn't let us talk, he just wanted to explain in the most elaborate way possible why he believed what he believe. I respect that but after everyone tried to cut him off, I felt the impression to take the quietest route possible. While he was explaining to me something in the bible I began to say in 30 second intervals "Hermano" but just quite enough to hear. Little but little he quieted down and he gave me the opportunity to speak. I then said all that came to my heart, slowly and quietly but firmly so that he would not overbear me while talking. My companion said that in that moment, the Spirit entered the room. We finally finished the lesson and ended on good terms with Mr. Bash (the uncle).

We continued with our tradition of finding a new investigator every Sunday night and will now be working with Hno Manuel. A friend of Hno Emilio. He kinda scared us at first because he was looking at us with way too much interest and held onto our hands too long. Funny how sensitive missionaries can be =P. He understand everything actually and we had a good lesson. =)

Today will be our last goodbyes to everyone. We'll be enjoying a lunch with José Abel and others and then we'll be visiting Hno Emilio and his wonderful little kids. Oh how I'm going to miss them. Then we'll be having a little FHE with cake! :D To celebrate my year in the mission, Hnas Perez and Cupul's 6 months in the mission and Hna Gonzalez and I leaving. It's going to be sad but I was so excited last night that I couldn't sleep. =P 

I love you all and hope that you all have a wonderful week!

With Hermana Perez and Hermena Gonzales

Caught in a hail storm

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