Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter

My new companion is Hermana Mázon from Querétaro, Mexico. She's super fun and we've had a good first week together. Sorry that I don't have pictures, my camera decided to die but no worries, because the hermana that was here before me left her camera because it had broken just a little bit and I'm going to send it to get repaired.

This last week, we've found 5 new investigators. 3 are children but two are a couple who is just so beautiful. We contacted the wife while looking for one of our investigators and she accepted a visit from us. When we went to visit her, her husband joined us for what turned out to be a wonderful lesson. We talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and then about the Trinity. They took to it really well and have such strong testimonies of their Heavenly Father. We really hope that we will be able to continue working with them.

We also have a young boy who's 10 years old and who is positively terrified of water. Not very good prospects for someone with desires to be baptized but we're going to work really hard to help the Lord work a miracle in this young boy so that he can be baptized.

To answer the question about Easter. Here they have nothing to do with cute little bunnies and chicks and coloring Easter eggs (although my companion and I did that on Saturday :) it was her first time :D ) What they do is a re-enactment of Christ's crucifixion. They use colored sawdust to make an isle in the middle of the street with pictures and drawings that goes throughout the entire town and then a man, who was chosen previously before-hand, carries a cross throughout the entire town, down the middle of the isle made but the town residents in the morning. Then when he gets to the center of town, which is where the Catholic church is, he is crucified. Generally, he's not really nailed to the cross, just tied there but in some places (like Mexico City, I think, and Peru) he is actually nailed to the cross. This is done in every town and city on Friday of the Holy Week. Then the town is a mess for two days as everyone celebrates. We actually stayed home after the General Conference on Saturday because it was a little dangerous for us to leave. 

General Conference was AWESOME by the way. I forgot my notes but I will be making sure to send some thoughts on it next week. =)

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