Thursday, April 23, 2015

13 months in the mission field

This week has really been a good one. 

Hermana Mazòn and I are finally getting the connection between us going when we're teaching and have been able to find 4 new investigators to teach and teh majority is a family. We were looking for a contact that Hermana Mazòn had made while with Hermana Duran and that she had felt for a long time we needed to visit. When we found the wife and reminded her of who we were, she seemed a little hesitant to let us in. Being long used to people not receiving us, I was getting ready to walk away when she let us in. We began talking to her about her family and her religion. She of course is Catholic but not active at all. She's listened to a lot of missionaries from different religions and doesn't quite sure know which one is the true path that leads to God. We had a wonderful lesson with her. It was great to watch her countenance change as we talked about the Trinity and who God is and who she is for him. 
Later, her husband and one of her sons arrived and joined in the conversation. They seemed to really like the idea that they could pray directly to God and receive an answer. I loved how Hermana Mazòn taught and the Spirit that we had as we worked together. We were really excited when we left their home and we both hope that they will progress and grow spiritually enough to be baptized and continue on the road to their Heavenly Father.

We had a lesson with Angel, our 9 year old that's afraid of water. We still have no idea how we're going to beptize him but we're doing everything we can think of. We had been having trouble teaching him in a way that caught his attention and that didn't put him to sleep. Finally, we pulled out all the tricks we could think of. We put up pictures, did puzzles, played games, everything to help him understand the importance of prophets. We will soon be teaching him about Repentence and it will be interesting and fun to prepare that lesson for him. We're also looking for ideas to help him overcome his fears of water. Any ideas?

This week has also been good because personally I've gotten over my disappointment of being transfered. I've never been unhappy for a change in the mission but the transfer that I received was really hard for me. However, the Lord has really helped me adjust and begin to focus well on my new area. Also, I received a blessing from my zone and districts leaders today and it brought quite a bit of help. I'm so grateful that the Lord is not just mindful of others but also of me and that He doesn't give us what we want when He knows that He has something for us that is better.
Boiling Eggs to color.... my companion has never colored Easter eggs before

Isle of the Christ  

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