Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 20, 2015

So this week, Angel will be getting baptized....well at least we hope so. We didn't exactly plan well for his date and we recently realized that we will be very short on time in teaching him all of the missionary lessons. However, considering that we've had to stretch in our creativity abilities as of late, I'm pretty sure that all will be fine. 

Sometimes I am so grateful that we are not left alone to do missionary work. One of those was when the Lord turned a horrible beginning to a lesson into a wonderful ending. We have a couple that is investigating the church and we've been working with them for a little however, we could not seem to get up the courage to invite them to baptism. We had planned on doing so in this last lesson that we had and had invited the bishop to accompany us. With the ever so present knowledge of the bishop and his wife being present and the reminder of our district leader to not even go to the lesson if we didn't have the Spirit ringing in my ears, I got a little nervous and effectively lost a bit of the influence of the Spirit. The same happened to my companion. It was a bit of a rough start but in the end they accepted the invitation to be baptized without even being invited. We're very excited for them because all they need to be baptized is receive an answer that this gospel is true. They're married and don't seem to have problems with the Word of Wisdom and are completely willing to be baptized if God tells them that this church is true. 

We have an investigator named Maria who lives in a little town about a 30 minutes walk from the town that we live in. She is super awesome. Seriously, she is completely full questions about anything and everything. I absolutely love teaching her. She has received the Jehova's Witnesses before and basically tells us everytime that we go that they're just cooky. =P She has been very confused by what they have told her and has wanted to see it in the Bible. Well, considering that the entire gospel that we share as missionaries can be found proven through the scriptures, she quickly believes what we teach her. This last time we taught about baptism and here in Mexico, one of the biggest problems that people have is that they were baptized as children and usually can't understand why they need to be baptized again, however, with simple reading about Christ's baptism in the Bible, she herself noticed that it had been wrong and is now willing to take the step into the water if God tells her that this is true.

We had our last interviews with President and Sister Christensen. Oh man, was it sad to think of that. However, they were really good. President and I talked about my goals that I have for the rest of my mission and for after. I really enjoyed it. 

We are now teaching even more kids. We have two new investigators that are 10 and 8 years old. The 10 year old has a learning disability and honestly, we are not sure what to do with him because I'm absolutely positive that he can learn but we don't really know how to help him do so. His little sister, the 7 year old, is nice and normal however doesn't know anything about the gospel. This in particular frustrates me because both of their parents are members, less-actives, but members and they haven't taught them anything. I feel that we will be spending a lot of time talking about Christ because they don't even know who he is. I have learned a lot about the responsibilty of parents to teach their children about the gospel and just about all of it has come from examples of those who don't do it here in this area. Not gonna lie, I usually have a lot of patience with God's children whether their members, less-actives, or investigators, however, with these parents who are teaching their children nothing, I find it very hard to not be very direct and over kind with them. =P

Funny thing that happened that was only funny because it wasn't me. Yesterday we went to an appointment, it was getting late and we were already late for the appointment. As we got close to the little shop where our appointment was, we saw a few men and instantly knew that we would only be making another appointment and leaving. Well, while my companion made another appointment with the lady, I ended up having a very interesting conversation with a very very drunk man. He was very respectful and it was for that that I was even willing to be close to him. He told me he was a Mormon and then testified of the importance of prophets. I was rather concerned not because he was drunk but because his face was covered in blood. When my companion was done, I shook his hand in goodbye and he very cordially shook my hand. Then the funny part came. When he shook my companion's hand he held tight and pulled it to his lips saying "Let me kiss your hand. Let me kiss your hand." and he promptly kissed it. Oh how traumatized was my companion was after we left. It was really funny to me but we were really glad to get out of there. =P

Chilling at our apartment on Easter Sunday

Results from the make over the children of an investigator did for us

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