Tuesday, January 27, 2015

End of January...Where has this month gone??!!

This week was a week of traveling. 

First, we had companion exchanges. My companion went to Tlaxcala with her MTC companion (Now our sister training leader) and I stayed with Hermana Ibarra. Man, is she just the contacting queen! I learned a lot from her during that time and it was a good time to catch up a little bit and talk about the experiences we have had during our last 10 months in the mission field. We then did quite a bit of traveling to get our companions back and when Hermana Vazquez and I finally got back to our area, we had to go back to house to get the phone that I had forgotten in the house and were late to our district meeting. It also just so happened that our Zone leaders were there. Oops! They hardly ever get the chance to come out because we're about 2 hours away from them, so it's a rare occasion and....we were late for it. =P However, it was a good meeting so it wasn't too bad. =)

We also had interviews with President this week.  We talked about obedience and the four things he focused on during our zone conferences; Safety, Urgency, Informality, and Flirting. It's always a little nerve racking to have "alone time" with the President but I always walk out feeling refreshed and ready to work. Also, we talked to Hermana Christensen about the "My Family" pamphlets that they have asked us to begin to fill out and use. Speaking of which I'm issuing a "Selfie" Call to the family! I need pictures of my wonderful family to put on my pamphlet. Also, mom, I don't know if you have the most recent pictures of my sisters and I together. Or my sisters together? I would take them from Facebook but....I'm kinda not allowed to get on it. ;) 

Last Monday we learned how to make hand-made hawaiian pizzas from our ward mission leader. They were sooooooooooooooo good! Today, we learned how to make churros. I didn't learn to much how to make the batter because I was looking at all of the pictures that his wife was showing me of them and their life together. It was super cute. She also showed me all of the little cards that her husband has made for her during their 6+ years together. There's a lot that young men could learn from our ward mission leader. =P 

My companion and I had the wonderful experience of taking a talk given in General Conference this last October and using it to teach not only the less active family we visited but also those members that accompanied us. It was "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" and we had prayfully prepared which parts the members were going to share and how they were going to do so. It went really well and the members received answers to problems they had mentioned to us previously as they explained which was more than we had expected. It was great being able to walk out of the lesson feeling that everyone (including us) had benefitted from the lesson. 

Today, we have officially abandoned our house for a few days to let all the little fleas die that have been eating us the last few weeks. A few of the sisters from the ward came over to help us spray everything down and get a good cough attack from the spray. Hopefully everything will die so that when we move back in we will no longer be eaten in our sleep. =P 

Shout out to the CopperHills 6th Ward! Thank you so much for the pillowcase and the letter. It was a wonderful surprise to receive it! :)

I'm still getting green envelopes. Not sure how many have still yet to come but the other sister missionaries have been teasing me for almost constantly receiving them...Thanks to all those who sent me Christmas letters, I have really enjoyed them!!


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