Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

This week was surprisingly very very long. =P 

This week we had transfers and so we said goodbye to Hermana Adam who is now a Sister Training Leader (Hermana Capacitadora (HC for Short)). She is going to be amazing! I wanted to thank you mom for sending me the Nashville Tribute cd. We made a copy of it for Hna Adam on Christmas and she absolutely loved it! She said that she had been passing through a rough moment in her mission and that the songs helped give her a second wind to keep moving forward. =)

We ended up going on a surprise trip to Puebla City so that my companion could stay in the country...she had to do some things for her visa. We ended up running into her MTC companion who's also an HC and her new companion, who is....drum roll please........rrrrrrrrrr.....Hermana Ibarra! My wonderful MTC companion! And even better, they're our HC's and so we'll be doing exchanges with them and everything. We are so excited! It was the weirdest thing to hear her voice coming out of the phone when she called to check in on us but I'm so proud of her for being such a wonderful missionary that the Lord has called her to help others be just as great. =)

As to the King' day. It's really kinda a late Christmas. Santa doesn't really exist here, mostly because no one can afford two Christmas's. =P However, from what I've been told, On Christmas, Santa brings clothes for the new school semester that's going to start and the 3 Wise Men bring toys to play with. Last Monday, the center of town was filled with stands selling toys, clothes, and other assorted treasures. People came from all around to pick up what the Kings would bring to their children so it was super crowded and lots and lots of fun to see.

Josè Abel is still going strong. We've reviewed the baptismal quesitons and he's perfectly ready! Truly, the revision of baptismal questions is a little worrisome for me beause we don't talk about every, single detail in the questions (ex. Abortion) and so if the investigator has not been very open with us and we find out that they have a serious problem with something, it's possible that the whole baptism has to be canceled. However, he's ready and will be baptized on Saturday. He's really excited and so are we. He's so amazing. He told us yesterday that he's been taking everything so slow because he doesn't want to go inactive in the church after we leave, which is amazing. It's positively sad how a lot of the Less active members that we have here went inactive less than a month after their baptism. However, I thoroughly don't believe that that will happen to him. He's so excited to receive the Priesthood and go to the temple to do the work for his mother who passed away and other's in his family who are on the other side. I'm just so excited for him!
Funny thing, the other day we ran into more Jehovah's witnesses. They're everywhere! They were two teenage girls who positively refused to accept a card and then when we finally decided to give up trying to get them to listen, they gave us their webpage to visit and of course I did the same. It was priceless to see their faces when I told them we were the Mormons! Okay, yeah, I'm done. They are quite an interesting lot.

I have been having the experience of late of being almost constantly chastised by the Lord and I think the most surprising part is that I'm absolutely enjoying it. It really comforts me to know that He is willing to remind me of the little things that I do wrong or that I can do better so that I can become the best that I can at this time. My most recent reminder was yesterday. While my companion and I were walking home at the end of the day, we got the usual attention from the men in the street. However, one young man that was in his car kept driving slowly to say many things, that although were compliments, were said in a very very disrespectful kind of way. Usually the men just say one thing or whistle and that's it, however, this young man's persistence annoyed me greatly. When he was finally driving away, I retorted under my breath, very irritated. As I reflected on that moment, I looked for justifications as to being annoyed with the young man. For example, "It was so disrespectful!" "Does he know who I am?" "I have every right to be angry with him, what right does he have to say such things?!" "Doesn't he know that I'm a representative of Jesus Christ?!"
However, as I thought this to myself I saw in my mind the moment when our Savior was before the Pharisees and how they abused him verbally, physically, and unjustly. I then saw how he just stood there and took it. Not angry, or irritated, but simply calm. He loved them anyway. Despite everything that they did, he took it because he loved them and us. 

I was then reminded of the title I bear of Representative of Jesus Christ. Yes, the cat calls and wolf whistles and random phrases in English that I would rather not  hear are very irritating at times and make me feel rather frustrated with them, however, it's rather harmless. Just as the sister missionaries that received a one-sided food fight that were mentioned by Jeffery R Holland, the best thing to usually do is just keep walking. Saying nothing more than "Buenas Tardes" if anything at all. 
I'm very grateful for every moment that the Lord reminds me of things I need to change and for the strength He gives me to change and be better. 


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