Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy Day of The Kings January 6th!!!  
This was a long but good week.

José Abel is still continuing to progress rapidly and is still on track for his baptismal date on the 17th of January. This last week he really began to study and as he explained to us what he had learned between our visits he just glowed. =) Also, during church, he leaned over and said, "Hermanita, what would you think if I went up and bore my testimony?" I said that it would be great if he wanted to and then  he got up and bore his testimony! Of course he didn't really know what a testimony was but it was still amazing that he got up in front of everyone and said how he was beginning to feel that all of this was true and that he's very excited to be baptized. We are too. =)

My companion especially because she's the one who contacted him in the street and is going to be able to see him through start to finish because we're going to have another transfer together!! :D We're both super excited especially for all of the plans that we can officially put into action now that there's no holidays or conferences to get in the way. =) Even though we didn't appreciate the joke our district leader and his companion played on us. My companion asked him to not call us if we didn't have transfers, so of course he called us to tell my companion that she was being transferred and she took it a little hard. After he confessed, I informed him that he officially owed my companion her favorite cookies at the next district meeting. =P 

Funny thing that happened the other day. We went to one of the little towns in our area and this man run up behind us and started talking to us. He was a little weird but said that he wanted to become closer to God and didn't know if we could help him. We gave him a Book of Mormon promising that whatever he was looking for, he would be able to find it there. He was really surprised that we were giving him a nice book for free but gladly took it. We both had been praying in our hearts to know what his intentions are and honestly we felt fine until his friend came up who was obviously drunk. We quickly contacted him and the funny part is that in the middle, I was talking to him and my companion was talking to the first guy and when we were finishing up the very drunk man looked at me and said, "I love the way your hair falls." Reaching his hand up to me, "Can I touch it?" I reached up, took his hand, shook it and said, "Sorry but no, we have to go." Then we left. later during the day, I would randomly look at my companion and say, "Hermana, I just love the way you hair falls." It became a new inside joke for us. =)   

I have realized that I am soooo grateful that I will not be here for another New Year's celebration!!. Here at midnight, they light scarecrows on fire that are stuffed with fireworks to celebrate the coming of a new year. The entire world was exploding for over an hour in the middle of the night. Didn't sleep a wink! Luckily, things have finally calmed down here and everything should be much more peaceful. =)

One more transfer with Hermana Vazquez, they are both very excited to continue the work they are doing together for the next 6 weeks

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