Monday, June 29, 2015

All Is Well!!!

Well, this week, not too much happened but we got a few adventures in. =P
With Hermana Mazon
We got to meet the husband of one of our new investigators. Her name is Mayra and his name is Chai (well, his nickname, I don't know exactly what his real name is.) and oh boy, they're going to be a lot of fun to work with. They have a big problem with prophets for example, they don't believe that God can talk to a man here on earth and that a man has to be perfect to receive revelation from God. I think we're going to re-teach prophets...again. =P They are really nice and actually I'm going to start serving Mayra by giving her a little bit of English classes so that she can get a job with a big company that requires it. 

Speaking of English, we've been giving English classes in the chapel and this week Elder Neuwirth (a new elder with a month and a half in Mexico) gave the class. It was a lot of fun because he's just so full of energy. Once he learns the tips and tricks to teaching and finds his own style, he's going to be an excellent teacher. =)

That's super funny about not having power because although we had power, this week we ran out of water. However, the Lord loves us because once we were humbled enough to ask him to bless us with water, for the next 3 days He blesses us with enough water to shower in the morning and to use the bathroom two or three times. =P 

Yesterday, we were walking to one of our little towns called Santa Ines and it's a dirt road in the middle of fields. When we got by the canal in the middle of the road there appeared this fat little puppy that was white with black stripes. We stopped for a minute to pet it and talk to it for a minutes and then when my companion kept walking I picked up the puppy and took it with us. She was just so cute and lost so I couldn't just leave her there. At least that's what I told my companion. I decided that if someone didn't stop us saying that it was their dog, then we would give it to one of the kids in our ward who had had a puppy but she ran away. We called the puppy Kyra and she stayed with us for a few hours. She even went with us to the Pérez López family and just slept the entire time. She was just adorable and we both became good friends before the end of the day when I gave her to Ernesto. 

We had a missionary activity where we watched "Meet the Mormons" with our ward and the ward next to us. It was such a beautiful movie. My companion and I both cried at the end seeing the young man head off to his mission. We set everything like a movie theater and the members brought popcorn and chips and it was a lot of fun. 

This week I won't be getting transferred but my companion is. I honestly think that I will stay in this area until the end of my mission seeing as how I only have two transfers left and we don't think that the new president will make many changes after he gets here. I also feel that my new companion that I'll be getting tomorrow will be my last companion. I pray that we'll be able to enjoy the time that we'll be having together. 

Yes, I bought the camera today and since I bought it today I don't have a picture of it because it's charging. =P However, next week I'll make sure to send a picture of it. =) Please thank grandma for giving me the money she gave to help me buy it. =) e. 

The new mission president and Pres. Christensen and their wives will have the morning together on the 1st of July and then they'll be going their separate ways. At least I think that's what Pres. Christensen told me.

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