Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!!

It was great seeing you guys yesterday!! and even weirder knowing that the next time I see you all it will be when I get off a plane in Utah.

This week I had a cool experience with a contact. 

We were walking to an appointment in another town and passed two young girls on the way. I had the thought that maybe I should contact them but I brushed it off. Our appointment ended up falling through and so we headed back to the town where we live to look for other contacts. On the way back we passed these young girls again. Knowing that I had to contact them this time, we did. They accepted an appointment for this last Sunday and we gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.
Yesterday, we almost didn't go to the appointment with them for issue with time and organization but when we called for the 2nd time to confirm the appointment they said that we could come over. I honestly didn't think that they would receive us and that even if they did, we would only be talking to the young girl who had been answering our calls. However, when we got there, we ended up teaching her whole family of 6. They're all above the age of 16 and are very open. We all got along very well and they accepted the invitation to accompany us to a Relief Society activity and another appointment. We feel that they have so much potential and we're hoping to be able to continue working with them.

This last Tuesday, we went with a member couple to a lesson that fell through and so we went looking for less-active members that they knew. As we went from place to place, the sky began to darken and thunder clouds rolled in. Watching the lightning and clouds we knew we were going to get wet. However, we had no idea that we were going to get DRENCHED, which is exactly what happened. We were outside of a less-active's house who wasn't home when it began to sprinkle just a little and we were about to leave when we ran into the less-actives we were waiting for. They let us in and we began to talk and visit. It began to ran really hard and it got hard enough that we lost power in the middle of our lesson. We all just kinda stared at each other in the dark and decided that that was a good moment to make another appointment before the storm got even worse. We left the house running through the rain and in the dark. We only saw puddles and water runn-off when the lightning struck. It was pretty surreal. Luckily, the members had a car and although we were soaked before we got there, we laughed the entire way home.

We have a couple that we've been teached called Erick and Elizabeth. They're very kind and sweet. They've already received an answer that it's all true but still aren't ready to make that step to baptism, wanting a bigger answer. We're really hoping that they'll be able to take the time to go to church because if not, we'll have to drop them for while.

Today we had a zone activity and we played water sports. It was so much fun and we all got drenched. I finally got to put to good use those water balloons that Mom sent me over a year ago. We all really enjoyed our last day together as a zone.

Only last funny comment. Yesterday, an american couple showed up to Sacrament meeting and they were both blonde-haired and blue eyed and very white. Once the older ladies of the ward realized that I was not the tall american woman that had walked in with the tall american man, they began asking me who they were and which part of MY family they were from. =P 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!!

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