Sunday, June 7, 2015


This week we took off the baptism date that we had for Rogelio. He wanted to be baptized on his birthday which is the 4 of July, however, his older brother hasn't been letting him attend church and so it's not sure that'll he'll be able to be baptized. However, tomorrow we'll be seeing him and here's to hoping that we can figure something out with his brother. 

We got to visit the Pérez López family this last week. They are always so fun and we love being with them. We still haven't quite figured out how to teach them in the best way that they need but they still seem to understand the message. It also seems like the Lord has worked out a miracle for us because since they sell quesadillas and their only son who is the only person who knows how to drive is an engineer at the Volkswagon factory and he has a lot of work they weren't going to be able to attend church. However, the son informed us that he was going to be able to have Sundays as his day off again and so it was very likely that they are going to be attending church this next weekend. Woohoo!! We really feel that they can be baptized and be incredibly blessed by the Gospel and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to teach them.

There's a young girl named Cinthia, who is 17 years old. She's amazing. She's reading the Book of Mormon, going to church, and praying. She believes that the church is true and recently received permission from her mother to be baptized if she wanted. We are really hoping to put a baptismal date with her that is before her 18th birthday which is in December. 

Sindy, our 10 year old girl that we've been teaching since I got to Tule, was baptized on Saturday. She looked so beautiful in her little white dress. Her twin was listening to us before but decided to not get baptized with her sister. She was baptized by a new elder named Elder Neuwirth. It was his first baptism ever and although he did it perfectly, my companion and I almost died laughing when he gave our little Sindy a nice hard "good job" pat on the back.

We had a zone meeting in Tlaxcala, the capital of Tlaxcala and we got lost on the way home. We got into a combi thinking that it was going to pass by our house. However, while I was in the middle of contacting those on the combi my companion tells me "Hermana, we have to get off." Why?" "Because we're going to San Martin, not to San Jorge." I looked around and there was nothing but fields where there should have been town. So we got off with the other missionaries in our district and walked and walked and walked until we made it to the town where we could take a combi to where we needed to go. It was pretty fun actually. We all rather enjoyed it. =P
We're Lost!!!!
I've also started playing the piano for the Tule ward during sacrament meeting. Thank goodness no one knows how to play piano so they all think that I play beautifully. I only played the top hand. =P I was super nervous because it's been so long since I've played but I think that the Lord will help me out alot with this. 

We've started English classes as a district for everyone and anyone. It was a little awkward at first because the two other americans that will be teaching me had no idea what they were doing, so I basically taught everything and no one else talked. However, the next week we'll be splitting everyone up into groups depending on their level of English and I'll be with the kids so that will be really fun. =) 

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