Monday, June 29, 2015

Goodbye President and Sister Christensen

So this week has been pretty interesting seeing as how we had transfers and President is now leaving. At transfers President gave his very last talk and it was great. He talked about our filters that we have through which we view the world and the filters that he has seen in us as missionaries. He had talked to me about my filters personally and it was a great moment to have a review. =)

My new companion is Hna Sellers. She's from San Francisco California and actually knows Hna Vazquez, my last American companion. It was really cool because she had been praying for an American companion and I was simply praying that I would be able to love my companion unconditionally and that she would be able to help me work well in this area and help it progress. Also, someone with whom I could enjoy the last end of my mission with. I was a little nervous about the whole transfer but luckily I was one of the first to find out who my new companion was. I also felt at peace with whoever was going to be my companion. I just never thought that I would be given another American companion. As far as I know, we're currently the only two Americans that are together in the mission. 

So we had a pretty exciting evening in a little town that missionaries have never gone to before. We went with a native to this town and thank goodness because if we hadn't we would have gotten run out of town. Literally. These people are so scared of outsiders that they all freaked out when they saw us talking to two little girls who were the members nieces and were about to get ready to stone us. Yes, stone us! We now realize two things. 1. There is a lot of work for us to do in this town. 2. We are like Alma, we cannot enter without a member from the town, like Amulek. ;)

We had a very direct lesson this week with our 17 year old investigator named Cinthia and her mother. We wanted to set a baptismal date with Cinthia but her mom wants her to wait until she's 18 in December. We invited them to pray and see what God wants. The mom wasn't too happy about it but the daughter was and is perfectly willing to be baptized now. We think that we'll be dropping her for now and hoping that the missionaries who are here in December will be able to help her be baptized.

Well, other than that not much has happened. I love you guys so much and thank you for all that you do!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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