Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 26th

This week I dropped investigators for the first time while actually informing them of what we were going to do. I feel bad that I haven't done it before but this time turned out pretty well. We found out that the people we had been teaching were actually not at all interested in changing or in receiving an answer from God and that if they had received an answer from God they were willing to be baptized but wanted to continue being Catholics. We thought it was pretty wierd too but were able to leave their house having testified of the truth and on good terms with them. 

We had a beautiful lesson with a 14 year old young man, his name is Rogelio. He's had a really rough life and lives with people who are not good influences on him. He works for a member making bread and that's how he came to know the church. We had planned on teaching him lesson 1 again but then the Spirit told us to ask him why he wants to be baptized. We talked a little about that and then received the impression to show him the future that the Lord has in store for him, by drawing it out on a piece of paper, if he chooses to be baptized and is loyal to the commandments. The Spirit was so strong especially while we and the member he works for testified that all that we had drawn out for him was possible. I was planning on making him a better copy because he liked it so much but he asked if he could keep the original we had made for him and it was great because it was drawn on the back of a Family: Proclamation for the World. He's going to be baptized on the 4th of July which is when he turns 15. =) 
We had a family home evening right after and did a fun activity which is why he's wearing the funny hat =)
We then had a fun lesson with the family that he works for and did an activity of completely tasks with a blindfold to show how we can do everyday things without putting much attention to God but when we keep his commandments we get rid of the blindfold and can see life more clearly. The family was so nice and surprised us with newly made bread from the oven and a box of cereal and milk. We had absolutely no food in the house because we had not been able to take the time to buy it on Monday and so I truly believe that they followed an impression of the Holy Ghost. They have no idea how much it meant to us but I'm so grateful for what they did. =) 

There is a new sister in my district from California called Hermana Matagi. I don't have a pic right now but she reminds me completely of Camille. In everything, down to a T. She walked by me at church and I saw her out of the corner of my eye and thought it was Camille. I was so confused and thought I was dreaming for a minute. =P

We're beginning to clean out investigators who aren't progress but I'm very grateful for those that the Lord has blessed us with who are progressing and who really want to follow God.

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